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The Black Woods Blizzard Tour is 3-day snowmobile ride and fundraiser. The Tour's motto is to 'Never Surrender.'  This ride to fight ALS helps people with ALS and their families through their journey with ALS.

The event is presented by Black Woods Grill & Bar and hosted by Black Bear Casino Resort.

The Black Woods Blizzard Tour starts with a reception at Black Bear Casino Resort, in Carlton at 1785 Hwy 210, on Wednesday evening, February 5, 2025. After a night's stay at the Casino Resort, riders depart Thursday morning for Lake Vermilion where they enjoy dinner and accommodations at Fortune Bay Resort Casino. On Friday morning participants ride down to Grand Rapids, where we'll gather for dinner and conversation at Timberlake Lodge. Riders spend the night and return to Black Bear Casino Resort on Saturday, February 8. Our Welcome Home Celebration Dinner will be at Black Bear Casino Resort.

Registration is requiredRiders must be at least 21 years of age and willing to donate or fundraise. Money raised will help people living with ALS. Participants must raise, or donate, a minimum of $2,300. First year participants have a one-time incentive with a minimum of $1,800. Second year participants also get in with a $1,800 minimum since we had no organized snowmobile ride last year.

*All donations must be turned in to the Black Woods Blizzard Tour by February 5, 2025, to qualify for incentive prizes. (Prizes will be posted soon!)

The ride is for experienced riders only (riding 180 miles+ each of the first two days and 100+ miles the last day).  Speeds average 40 mph during the trip.  

We have a welcome home Celebration Dinner on Saturday, February 8th at Black Bear Casino Resort. We will stream the program live using Facebook Live in addition to a link provided by our audio-visual company. Watch for both links on our home page. 



The ride begins with a gathering Wednesday, February 5, 2025 at Black Bear Casino Resort, 1785 Hwy 210, Carlton, MN 55718. Festivities conclude Saturday, February 8, 2025, with our Celebration Dinner at Black Bear Casino Resort.

Final plans are dependent on snowfall at the time of the event and any adjusted plans by the committee.

Find our tentative itinerary; updates will take place when we have a final plan this winter.





You will be provided with the following during the Black Woods Blizzard Tour: 

  • Fuel and oil during the Tour (Arrive with FULL tanks of fuel and oil)
  • Double occupancy up to four nights with another rider or volunteer. The last night of the event is Saturday, February 8. If you have a guest coming to the Celebration Dinner and you would like to have them stay with you in the hotel, let Sandy know of your request. You will be sent an invoice for one-half of the room cost AFTER the event.
  • Basic mechanical support and limited alternate sleds in case of a breakdown 
  • Most meals during the Tour.  

You will be asked to sign a waiver, releasing organizers and sponsors of any liability during the ride. You must provide proof of liability insurance, with limits of a minimum of $100,000. 

Universal hand signals must be used during the organized ride for everyone’s safety. These signals have been adopted by the American Council of Snowmobile Associations. For details on the approved hand signals, check their website.    



Please review our rules of etiquette to ensure you are aware of our codes of behavior. Behavior that is not respectful of others or our mission will not be tolerated.