We have several fundraising tools available to help you in raising funds to participate in the Wisconsin Blizzard Tour. Remember that the more money you raise, you have a good chance of reaching one of our incentive levels and receiving a very cool gift for your work! 

  • Here is a 1-page tool to help you review all our tools in one spot
  • Incentives are available for viewing
  • Our top 5 fundraisers are listed below: 
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2nd Place         Coming Soon!
3rd Place    Coming Soon!                                               
4th Place    Coming Soon!
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  • If incoming money is not a direct contribution from a business or individual, but rather a fundraising event, please use this form to let us know more about your event. 

Notes about donations:

  • All cash donations are fully tax-deductible.
  • Credit card donations are accepted via Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
  • Each participant assumes responsibility for donation collection. 
  • Never Surrender Inc will send a thank you acknowledgment/tax receipt to each donor as long as there is a full name and current mailing address. Use donation forms to accompany cash donations so that tax receipts can be mailed to the donors. 
  • For supporters who donate online, an immediate thank you is sent via email.


Why would I want to change my fundraising goal after I have communicated to potential donors my established goal? 

Many of our riders find that they can surpass their original goal that they set for themselves. If you’ve already reached your goal and are still requesting donations, some donors may be less likely to donate. By raising your goal, it shows that you’re dedicated to the cause and want to go above and beyond. This will also help motivate your donors. 

What should my fundraising goal be?

Your minimal goal is $1,500 as a new participant. There are incentive prizes for raising more than the minimum. Check out the prizes for those incentives. Be sure to change your fundraising goal on your website to match the goal you set! Help us reach our goal by raising as much as you can!

I don't want to write my own fundraising email. Is there a sample one I can use?

You bet! We try to make this process as easy as possible. While it’s best to create your own personal message, we understand that not everyone has time to do so. Therefore, we have created templates that you can use to send to potential donors, with places for you to plug in a few personal details such as your name and fundraising goal. You have to edit a few things—like your goal, name and why you participate. Use one of our easy-to-use letter templates for your needs.


Asking for donations is not always easy for some folks. The good news is that you can choose which method works best for you. Follow these guidelines no matter which method you choose:

  1. Be sure to explain WHY you are asking for financial support. 
  2. Let the potential donor(s) know HOW the funds are used. The more information you know, the more likely you can secure the donation. 
  3. Be sure to ASK the potential donor(s) if their employer participates in matching gifts. Learn how easy it is to double a contribution!

Options for Asking for Support

  1. Ask for support in person! Nothing is better than a conversation letting people know how why you choose to ride.
  2. If you are savvy with email, you could send an email and include a link to your fundraising site. 
  3. Try posting a link to your fundraising page from Facebook. It's very easy--check it out in your Participant Center! 
  4. For those of you who like traditional methods, try pulling out paper and write a note asking for a contribution. We have several pre-written letters that may work for you or may help you get started on your own letter. Use one of our easy-to-use letter templates. You will have to personalize some parts of the letter(s) when you get them (these parts are in red). Some riders have found success by providing a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 

Participant Center Guide

  1. Follow this step by step participant center guide to set up your personal website (content may show another event, but the instructions are the same)
  2. Send emails and watch the donations fly in!
  3. To view past donor lists, use this handy guide


Log into your participant center for easy-to-use Facebook Fundraising instructions!


Check out our Matching Gifts page!


See our dedicated page on raffles!


KLN Family Brands has offered Wiley Wallaby Australian Style liquorice at a special price. Made in Perham, Minnesota and possessing a world class taste, this is product you can sell at your event activities or, with approval, sell through individual retailers. 

This great tasting licorice sells for $5 a bag with all profits* going toward your personal fundraising total in the fight against ALS. Please fill out this Event Tracking Form when submitting funds. 

Contact Sandy at or 218-302-1331 to learn more about this great program.  * The cost of the licorice ($1.50) reduces your fundraising total by the same amount.


Looking for an event for you or your fundraising team? We recommend taking a look around your community – there are a lot of festivals, fairs and other events probably happening in your own backyard. These are great for doing bake sales, garage sales, bocce ball tournament or more! Make sure you check with the event organizers in order to receive permission and discuss any pertinent details.Here are links to the sites listing community events by state:

To find an event in Minnesota: CLICK HERE

To find an event in North Dakota: CLICK HERE

To find an event in South Dakota: CLICK HERE

To find an event in Wisconsin: CLICK HERE


This program is designed for convenience stores, restaurants and other retail locations where the purchase decision needs to be quick.

This program is best run when the rider has an excellent working relationship with the business. Ideally service employees would ask guests if they’d like to purchase a snowflake for ALS. They explain the program when asked. It is critical the rider stays actively involved with the businesses and collect funds on a regular basis.

To assist with the sale of the snowflakes, we have a small poster available. We also have information to share with retailers on how they can help. Contact Sandy to get a copy of the poster or information sheet.

Let us know if the snowflake program might work for you!  Contact Sandy at or 218-302-1331.


Utilize collection boxes to raise funds in the fight against ALS. All funds raised will count toward your fundraising goal. The collection boxes work great in high traffic retail locations such as:

  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Liquor stores
  • Truck stops
  • Bowling alleys
  • Coffee shops

Call or email Sandy to get started. or 218-302-1331.


To get your creative thoughts moving, you can review our A to Z fundraising ideas sheet.