FishDonkey Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Keep the FishDonkey app open for the entire tournament and leave it on after the tournament is complete.

  2. Use the FishDonkey app to take pictures of your fish.

  3. Even if you don't have good cell service, the app will upload pictures when you enter a better service area. Keep the app open even after the tournament is over!

  4. Fish 12 inches and under WILL NOT BE SCORED. If your fish measures just over 12 inches, it will count.

  5. We will be shutting the leader board off at noon on the day of the tournament. Be sure to come to the UMD Field House for our evening banquet to see who wins!

  6. When measuring fish, be sure that the mouth of the fish is closed.

  7. Be sure to do a live well video upload before the tournament starts. Volunteers will also likely be checking live wells while launching your boat or checking in.

  8. Be sure to use the correct category when entering fish. We have some new categories this year (Courage Kenny) and we just want to ensure that you do not enter a fish in a category that might be incorrect. Categories include Island Lake, Virtual and Courage Kenny.

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